NTS Sample Paper

For every exam test, sample papers are required to get an idea about the upcoming test. So on this website, you get your related NTS sample papers.

For any test type like for university admissions, job exams you must read and solve your appropriate sample papers.

Which is helpful for your final result and will give you success. We have given you sample papers related to GAT, NAT-1, and NAT-2. After getting Roll no slip to appear in exams and follow these previous papers.

These papers are compulsory for those students who want to get admissions in Pakistan universities. Also, Nts give sample papers for those who want to apply for the job test.

NTS exams test contains MCQS with different portions like Analytical Reason Mcqs, Quantitative, Current Affairs, Academic Mcqs, etc.

How to Prepare for NTS Sample Papers and Exams Test

Before applying for admissions or jobs. You must check your concern syllabus that is given by NTS. Different jobs have different exams of test content. You should follow related books and prepare yourself. After preparation, if you want to check your preparation level you read and solve the sample papers. Which is very helpful for you.

Basically Exams Test contains MCQS that includes

  • Mathematics
  • NTS English MCQS(Include Grammar, Tenses, Meanings of Words, Sentences, Pair of words, etc)
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs
  • Analytical and Quantitative MCQS Questions

NTS Test Syllabus

NTS is based on computer online test. In this part, you know about the test syllabus of the NTS result 2020 for exams. Faculty give you the MCQs books with different colors.

Every student has different colors of books like Pink, Blue, Green, White, Yellow, etc.

The book contains different parts having MCQs according to the syllabus.

Islamiat, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, NTS English MCQS, General Knowledge. Also, include Current Affairs to check the student current knowledge. NTS announced the syllabus 10 days before the date of the exam.

The test duration is 120 Minutes or 2 Hours. In which you solve 100 MCQs. Every Question has four options/choices. Along with this NTS give you a separate Answer sheet in which you fill the option in circle form.

GAT General Test | GAT Online Test Preparation

This test is only for those students who have completed their 16 years of education in any department. And want to get admission in MS, M.Phil. So for these students, NTS arranges GAT Generate Test. And GAT Subject test is conducted for those candidates who have 18 years of education.

 National Aptitude Test (NAT) | NAT Test Preparation

This test is conducted for those students who want to get admission in different universities of Pakistan. Universities required this test for admission and only those students are eligible that have 60% marks in their NTS Test. This test includes Academic MCQS with Verbal Logic, Quantitative Logic, and Analytical Logic MCQs. You can download NAT Sample Papers from here.

Sample Papers NTS Pattern

You must solve the NTS Sample Papers before your official exams test. By solving these sample papers you take an idea about the test and you have set your mind that how to solve the MCQs. These sample papers are very helpful for you and give you a remarkable success with great marks which makes your merit high in rank. Here you can get your exams to test Sample Papers along with solved papers.

How to Fill Answer Key in NTS Exams

Be careful during your exams. That how to solve your answer sheet. You must fill the circle complete. In case of the wrong attempt, your answer considers as incorrect. many students ignore these things. For more details and updates stay in touch with this ntsresult.org. Download your sample papers here.